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nedelja, 21. oktober 2012


This week I spent a lot of money. I was shopping with my friend and my boyfriend. I published a few purchased things, but not all. Hope u like it xx.
 my way to Ljubljana 
bags bags bagssss
 i have black and brown
my daddy bought me these heels =)
so hooot! i had to buy it! =)
super cute push up bra with crystals

I'm obsessed with  Bettina Barty products!
(this bag was purchased about a month ago)
last money I spent for these  cute shoes.

In addition, I bought a few sweaters, underwear, suits, some cosmetics and more.

comments are welcome.

 kisses TinaB.

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  1. love the shoes and the bag!!!

    thank you for following but something must have gone wrong because you are not on the list of our followers...:(((


  2. thank you for trying again, it worked this time!:)))yey! we are of course following you back!!!:)


  3. Love the Bags.
    Come and visit my Blog:)



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