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četrtek, 27. september 2012

Clothes everywhere around me

Yes, I am obsessed with clothes.
In my room I have a rack for clothing and shoe rack, then three-piece cabinet with large drawers, shelves, hangers.. and guess what? I still don't have enough space for my clothes.
I mostly spend money on dresses, corsets, skirts .. Clothes for different occasions. 
SOOOO many things still bear a label, and a lot of high heels were not wearable yet, but I don't regret, because I enjoy shopping and even more then, when I see how much clothes I have.

P.S. Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mom in Italy, can't wait!
When I get  this rack, I was really happy :D

This is how it looks like in the old corner in my room.
This is a fresh corner now (and now I have even more high heels and clothes, but unfortunately there is no place for all to stand on rack)
One day I will have room like this.

Khloe Kardashian's hells

''I like my money where I can see it.. hanging in my closet.''
- Sarah J.P.

kisses, TinaB.

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  1. Thanks,for the follow.
    Follow you back.;-)

  2. Thank you for your comment..you are doing a great job even if you are starting...i feel i just started too ...

    Have fun @ shopping post something after that :)

    i started fallow you ..

    keep up the good work..and stay in love w/ clothes ( as we all are )


    1. Honey, thank you for this beautiful comment! I promise I'll try and publish a blog about my shopping.

      I will, thank you!

      with love, TinaB.

  3. fajno zbirko imaš to ...:)
    Uživaj v bloganju novinka :)


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